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               Sky Command -Type 1- Episode 1 "False Diamond Age" Copyright


               AllA Erawa Viacad

               A strategic sci-fi trilogy chronicling World War 3 an epic
               battle fought throughout the Sol System by the Western and
               Eastern Blocks to gain control over enough elemental  (703)
               402-4375 resources to rule over humanity.             


                         self replicating nanotechnology,

               Show nanobots.

                                   NARRATOR (CONT'D)
                         the holy grail of civilization.

                                   NARRATOR (CONT'D)
                         Humankind harnesses the revolution
                         and uses it to build great wonders.
                         To build a great utopia; without
                         aging, poverty, or disease, mankind
                         will relish in a golden age of
                         world wide prosperity,,,

               Show star elevator earth and colonies, show a traditional
               african tribe replicating a huge platter of sushi.

                                   NARRATOR (CONT'D)
                         for a time. Then there is war,, and
                         all of civilization's achievements
                         hung in the balance.

               Show star elevator explode, at the utterance of "war," people
               begin to panic as it begins to shatter and come down almost
               upon them.

               Show quick flashes of the movie.

                                   NARRATOR (CONT'D)
                         See the future, let it be your

               Show diamonds being brought together by nanobots to build ->
               "False Diamond Age"

                                   NARRATOR (CONT'D)
                         Coming ___________

                         Play a song like: "Robert Miles -
                         Everyday life."

               Pure blackness. Credits come up of a certain Wavelength. The
               wavelength is displayed in the lower left hand corner, by the
               wavelength is the element and electron level drop. After each
               credit is displayed for a moment, the letters spread out over
               the screen, giving the screen a distinct color. To the right
               is a spectrometer, which keeps track of the line of color.

               Begin reflective narrative as beginning credits are displayed-

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. TRAIN

                                   ZEUS (VO)
                         I have loved to play first person
                         shooters all my life. I was never
                         very interested in one subject, and
                         I didn't want to go to college
                         undecided like everybody else did,,
                         not when I knew my true passion. I
                         had joined the space marines.

                                   ZEUS (VO)
                         I signed up just a couple of months
                         ago, claiming on the application my
                         interest in protecting our
                         civilization. Which is a load of

                                   ZEUS (VO)
                         For the past few decades our world
                         has been peaceful, and prosperous.
                         The last evils of the world were
                         vanquished along with the
                         terrorists, the Iranians, and the
                         North Koreans.

                                   ZEUS (VO)
                         Our military is the largest in the
                         world but is still less than 3
                         percent of the US population. It
                         outnumbers the EU coalition army by


                                   ZEUS (VO)
                         But none of that's important. I
                         joined for my own sake, to learn
                         discipline, and get paid playing
                         the simulators I love.

               After all the credits are done, "False Diamond Age" is
               displayed in white, and the holes in the spectrometer are
               filled in, to the right is labeled all of the spectral
               ranges. When this is blended into the screen, it becomes a
               bright yellow/ orange color. Middle spreads out to fill the
               whole screen. All you see is yellow/orange. Zoom out of the
               sun, just a few degrees above the horizon quickly out to an
               elevated super sonic maglev train, then move to the interior
               where Zeus is sipping from a 50cl diamond bottle of sprite.

               During below dialogue zoom into glass bottle to see
               individual atoms of Carbon labeled 'C', and other elements
               doped in. Zoom out to show perfect lattice structure only
               broken by carbon nanotube reinforcements all the way through.
               Zoom to macroscopic world.

                                   ZEUS (VO)
                         Our world is so great, everything
                         is custom made to perfection, every
                         atom in alignment, everything made
                         cheaply and instantly.

               During below dialogue zoom into video watch wrist band, zoom
               all the way into the intelligent 3 dimensional hexagonal
               SINSS circuitry, overlay circuit diagram, in all dimensions.
               Zoom out and pan out, then show diagrams at logical level
               which is big, zoom out to see more logic arrangements, then
               the human level.

                                   ZEUS (VO)
                         Given our control we design things
                         intelligently maximizing every bit
                         of spare space, expanding digital
                         circuitry to every cubic centimeter
                         of devices, even if it is not
                         needed at all.

               During below dialogue A child sitting across from Zeus in the
               isle seat is remote controlling a toy BiMAV in the isle. Zoom
               into toy BiMAV to show coil launchers, zoom out to show SINSS
               muscles pushing a layer of Hexagonal Metal muscular
               architecture. Show many layers randomly arranged now
               expanding. Zoom out to show Cellular Diamond Armor. Zoom out
               to show toy BiMAV again.


                                   ZEUS (VO)
                         And given the ability to control
                         matter at the sub-microscopic level
                         or nanoscopic level, we can shape
                         materials at the macroscopic level

               During below dialogue show Zeus looks out the window and sees
               the shadow of a rod, on the dry ground.

                                   ZEUS (VO)
                         and beyond to form colossal
                         wonders, that have transformed our
                         way of life in this solar system.

               Show scenery, as the rod comes closer to the train. The train
               is traveling very fast so things are flying by very very

                                                               FADE TO:

               EXT. TRAIN STOP

               Zeus looking down at the ground and looking over the railing
               of the final train station. Turn camera to look at Zeus from
               the same level as him, you can begin to see the elevator come
               out of the square Pyramidal(same ratio as Great Pyramid)
               space port, still see Zeus.

               As he looks up at the "end" of it in the sky so do you, keep
               looking up higher and higher, you can see the elevator go on
               seemingly forever. Ultra-zoom to the very top, through a
               window, where Zeus is getting off, having fun in zero gees.

                                                                CUT TO:



               Zeus's first training program. All the male and female
               candidates are standing conversing.

                         All right men, AT ATTENNNTION!!
                         This may not be boot camp, but we
                         still expect perfect discipline.

                         We are not swords to be sent into
                         some kind of full scale war that
                         will never happen, we are the ever
                         operating scalpel of the United
                         States Military, WE ARE DELTA

                         You men and women have been chosen
                         above thousands to become part of
                         an elite experimental squadron Code
                         Name Seraphim. If we are successful
                         in our operations then we will be a
                         perfect model of all the special
                         forces corps, and possibly the
                         entire US military.

                         As y'all well know the future of
                         war is in tightly packed Bipedal
                         Mechanized Assault Vehicles or
                         BiMAVs, and Strength Enhancing
                         Exosceletons or STEX. A
                         micromanaged symphony of Supreme
                         Integrated Nanotubular Super
                         Structure or SINSS armor.

                         All of it is built by the self
                         replicating nanobot,  SRN, the
                         microscopic cube that can turn heat
                         and nearby atoms into more cubes
                         just like the first 1. That's how
                         everything now is built, by filling
                         in the matter with cubes then
                         having the cubes eat each other to
                         make things.


                                   RANDOM SOLDIER AT BOOT CAMP
                         So the SRNs are cannibals.

                         Yes, they are computerized micro-
                         machines that sacrifice themselves
                         so that we can live in the comfort
                         of a society that need only press
                         buttons to make anything one's
                         heart desires. But you already knew

                         There is a reason why this is a
                         gender balanced squadron, each and
                         every one of you is going to from
                         up with an opposite gender pair
                         that will be your permanent
                         assignment as a sky assistant and
                         commando team unless you want to
                         switch with other couples.

                         Women will usually be sky
                         assistants because they can
                         multitask all the mission variables
                         and men will be commandos because
                         men have a single minded focus, TO

                         You are to love and fuck each other
                         so that your spirits can be in
                         perfect resonance. If this
                         resonance breaks trust also breaks,
                         and if trust breaks then ground
                         units and sky commanders will not
                         coordinate properly.

                         Remember Ground teams must not
                         hesitate to follow every single
                         word of their sky assistant. Those
                         on the ground see nothing, those in
                         the sky see everything.

                         Before mess hall meeting at 12
                         o'clock each and every one of you
                         is to have a partner or I'll choose
                         them for you.


                         Welcome to the Seraphim boys and
                         girls were going to be doing some
                         fun stuff working with the CIA as
                         part of the new Securities Act.
                         Even our name is classified, so
                         don't speak it, if anybody asks
                         tell them only that you are in the
                         Space Marine Core. Dismissed.

               Instructor promptly walks out of the room.

                         What's your name?


                         I am named after a greek goddess as

                         Really which.

                         Artemis goddess of the hunt.

                         So is that why you joined the
                         Seraphim, to hunt.

                         Hell yeah. And I guess you'll just
                         send down lightning bolts from the
                         heavens to kill your enemies.

                         Damn strait girl.

                         Unfortunately your powers are
                         useless because the nanotubes
                         within the STEX would just conduct
                         the electrical current away from
                         the body.

                         That is why I want you to be
                         sending artillery, missiles, and
                         lasers at the enemy.

                         That's how I hunt.


                         Ohh so you don't use a bow and

                         Hahaha no fortunately we're a
                         little beyond that. Your funny and
                         somehow I think the fact we are
                         both greek gods makes us destined
                         to be together.

                         I've got that impression also.

                         So we'll be a team.

                         Yep your my sky assistant.

                                                                CUT TO:



               Normal sky command with peripheral nodes devoted to VR
               simulators for Zeus and his buddies.

                         Were starting you out hard people,
                         odds, remember keep your shields up
                         and all guns firing at aimed
                         targets, good luck.

               The West has 20 BiMAVs managed by 20 commanders and 20 sky
               assistants, they fights against 40 BiMAVs.


                         All plaza units form up into a
                         turtle, ALL OTHER UNITS CONVERGE

               IMMEDIATELY ON PLAZA!!

               Plaza units pull together into a coherent shield formation
               that blocks virtually all plasma shells but can still shoot
               out of it.

               The formation is being surrounded by most of the enemy STEX,
               now pouring out of the buildings to pummel as much plasma as
               they can against the virtually impenetrable turtle.

               Units farther out from the Plaza are now running plowing
               through any enemy resistance


                         WE'RE GETTING FUCKING POUNDED OUT

               There is a breach in the shields and the surrounding forces
               dump plasma on 3 of the central fighters beyond fighting
               capacity, leaving 7 including Zeus, before the siege is
               completely ended. The 3 dropped out of BiMAVs and remain in

                         Turtled units drop shields hit the
                         deck now, ALL Units push into the

               The 7 in the center hit the deck still keeping the enemy at
               bay and still firing sparingly at enemy BiMAVs in the plaza.


               All the other friendly units are flanking the enemy from all
               angles and the assistant controlled STEX which are finally
               arriving from the long trek on and through all the city


               Finally the enemy forces seemed mostly destroyed. They are
               being hit by dumped plasma on them as the BiMAVs ingest their
               body parts directly into their stomach so it can be

                         Alright just mopping and cleaning
                         up from here on out, eat every unit
                         in 5 minutes or you'll be in the
                         sim for extra hour.

               Instructor leaves his command post and walks off.

                                                                CUT TO:

               FOREST FIGHT


               Zeus as a 11 year old is in forest camouflage. He and the
               people he is killing are playing a MRDSS game(MultiRelay
               Distance Sensor System, like laser tag except one can get hit

               Perfectly calm and focused, Zeus presses his ear piece in to
               listen, with his right hand. No emotion look strait forward
               in concentration.

               Zeus begins stalking, looks at enemy encampment through
               scope. Zeus gets a little closer. As he stands up and begins
               firing his riffle, transition by a cut to Zeus in a chameleon
               STEX suit in-

               EXT. PARK IN TYPE 2 COLONY

               Begins firing. Kills a few of the enemy STEX. Runs out of the
               forest, into a whole bunch of guys.

               Zeus instantly throws a grenade and begins firing like crazy.
               Zeus is sniped in the lower chest. Zeus stumbles back a few
               steps as he waves his riffle to regain balance. Zeus is shot
               again in the chest, he is laying on the ground, Zeus is shot
               in the head.

                                                          ZOOM OUT FROM
                                                            THE SCREEN:

               INT. SIMULATOR ROOM

                         Those are some nice shots Jeffrey
                         but you need to get those shots
                         more consecutive, he almost had
                         enough time to regain his balance.

                         I know, I fumbled for a second

                         Zeus why the hell did you run out
                         into the open like that, there was
                         absolutely no intelligence on enemy
                         positions when you did.

               (Forest Fight)

                         You defiantly screwed up, you had
                         more than enough time to deploy
                         recon probes to scan the area like
                         that, it's just plain sloppy to
                         just run into the open like that.
                         By now you should know better than

                         I'm sorry, I got so involved in
                         that John Wayne shit from the
                         forest, I got the impression I was

                         You were great in the forest, but
                         overall we need more work with this
                         colony structure, you don't all
                         seem to be acquainted with it.

                         Remember this colony design is more
                         popular than any other design. It
                         is really going to help to know it
                         like the back of our hands. Which
                         is why I am going to run you
                         through the simulators again.

               Moans of agony.

                         It's past our bedtime people, but
                         still I expect quality performance,
                         this will be a test of your
                         endurance, given that we have been
                         at the simulators for over 13
                         hours, you will start to get tired.
                         No more sloppiness. To your

               Zeus and the 19 other recruits go back into their virtual
               reality nodes as they close around them.


               FIRST LOVE

               INT. DORM

                         Thank god all those missions are
                         over, as much as I like virtual
                         reality being at boot camp gets

                         But the days are dull so the nights
                         with you are more extraordinary.

                         I know I'm that good but you..

                         Well aren't I.

                         Well all though we are falling in
                         love, I wouldn't say we are in

                         I would disagree we're just 68
                         percent in love.

                         Fair enough, I'm 43 percent in
                         love. I'll have sex at anywhere
                         above 33 percent so your in the

               Zeus smiles then starts making out with Artemis.

               Sex scene.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. SPACE PORT

               Zeus is looking at his labtop which shows a video of Titan.

                         Very basic mission, just gauge what
                         you think and if you have any
                         questions please write them down.

               (First Love)

                         This will also be a test of your
                         composure, remember you need to
                         master an entire new environment,
                         and do what little is required of
                         you perfectly. Your test begins
                         now, read the automatic briefing

                                                                CUT TO:

               THE FIRST "TEST"

               Zeus's labtop screen is filled with the following text. Titan
               is saying it.

                         Your new name is ______ _______,
                         you are the substitute security
                         guard for ______ ______ who broke
                         his arm yesterday and is in the
                         hospital right now getting it
                         fixed. Here is your new face. You
                         are to report to the freight
                         department at FedEx Corp.

                         They will assign you to security on
                         the ________ a medium sized
                         transport departing for ________
                         colony. You are to wait on the ship
                         for exactly 30 minutes, and then
                         kill the crew and take control of
                         the cockpit. You are to connect
                         this via USB7 to the control panel.

                                                          FADE OUT THEN
                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. FEDEX SHIP

                                   RANDOM FEDEX EMPLOYEE 1
                         Hello _____

               Zeus starts killing the crew.

               After the crew is dead Zeus goes into the cockpit-


               and interfaces the computer. Zeus programs the burns
               referencing his palm pilot. Zeus plugs in the palm pilot to
               disable automatic controls.The burns take a few seconds.

               Directly after it is completed a military officer shows up on
               the screen-

                                   EASTERN MILITARY OFFICER
                         By your current course you are
                         going to intersect with the
                         restricted elevator space, please
                         change your trajectory.

               (The first "test")

               Zeus looking down at writing on his arm next to the camera
               viewing Zeus.

                         I am ________ _________ security
                         officer for this ship a terrorist
                         just took over the ship and
                         programmed this trajectory, he
                         smashed the manual controls. I just
                         killed him and sat down. I was
                         hoping you could fire a shell at
                         this ship to knock it off course
                         from the elevator.

                                   EASTERN MILITARY OFFICER
                         That won't be necessary your
                         current trajectory will miss the
                         elevator by over 100M.

                         Oh thank god!

                                   EASTERN MILITARY OFFICER
                         I am sending a tug boat to
                         intercept you, unfortunately it
                         will take almost 4 minutes for them
                         to reach your velocities, and

                         Thank you, but won't my thrusters
                         burn out before then.

                                   EASTERN MILITARY OFFICER
                         No they will probably hold, ships
                         aren't made like they are used to.
                         Just sit tight, I will retain an
                         open com with you.


               A few seconds later the ship starts to take the second turn.

                                   EASTERN MILITARY OFFICER
                         Your ship has just made an
                         adjustment in its trajectory. I
                         thought you said the control panel
                         was destroyed.

               A siren starts to go off in the command center.

               (The first "test")

                                   COMMAND CENTER COMPUTER
                         EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY, Collision
                         course scrambling all emergency
                         space craft. Preparing all rail
                         cannons. Calculating all courses of

                                   EASTERN MILITARY OFFICER
                         Fire Rail Cannons.

               Zeus looking down at writing on his arm next to the camera.

                         I am Adam McMahon of the Total
                         Liberty Front. I will take down the
                         eastern elevator and my brothers
                         will destroy the western one.

                                   EASTERN MILITARY OFFICER
                         YOU FUCKING CRAZY BASTARD, WHY!?

               Show line of shot from both ground and sky station.

                                   EASTERN ENSIGN
                         Sir no course of action could avert
                         the collision. Stopping inward

                                   EASTERN MILITARY OFFICER

                         See the tapes on the news at
                         midnight. Farewell I have a pod to

               Zeus reaches the pod and launch it before the collision.

               Zeus use a monitor on the pod to program a course to earth.
               Then Zeus changes the monitor to display CNN news just as
               they show the clip of the ship collide into the star
               elevator. Then watch the clip show a picture of Zeus, until
               Zeus takes the mask of the face of the fake terrorist off and
               strips into civilian clothing fit for outdoor activity. Zeus
               keeps the mask in his pocket The pod is reentering earth's
               atmosphere and fire engulfs the pod. The pod is still making
               course adjustments so that it will fall in the Ogooue river.
               The pod's parachute opens as it is just above the Ogooue
               river in central Gabon. Zeus's pod slams into the water.
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