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               Sky Command

               -Type 1-

               Episode 2(Start With Episode 1!)

               "Fallen Nanotopia"

               Copyright 1999-2011


               AllA Erawa Viacad

               A strategic sci-fi trilogy chronicling World

               War 3 an epic battle fought throughout

               the Sol System by the Western and Eastern

               Blocks to gain control over enough elemental  (703) 402-4375

               resources to rule over humanity.             

               FALSE BETRAYAL


                         You have the designs.

                                   SPY 1
                         For every ship in the Eastern

               Hermes takes the designs which are in a disk.

                         Don't worry we will win this war.

                                   SPY 1
                         Only if this false betrayal works.

               Hermes looks over at Spy 1 with some hesitance-

                         Don't worry the side of right shall


               Hermes walks face first into his waiting STEX throwing the

               designs into the air and catching them with STEX hands as it

               closes around him.

                                   SPY 1
                         Just worry about getting out of

               here safely.

                                   HERMES (STEX TONE)
                         Huh safety has nothing to do with

               Spy 1 just shakes his head in disbelief.

               Hermes opens the clear door to an 2M long airlock, the clear

               door seals behind him.

               STEX immediately come into the room-

                                   SPY 1
                         They're onto us-

               Spy 1 gets enclosed in a STEX.

               (False Betrayal)

               Hermes slams his hand on the open button to his right the

               clear door at the other side of the airlock to reveal a row

               of Maglev bikes parked along a merging volume next an

               cylindrical evacuated tube highway with mostly cars flashing

               past from South to North.

               Immediately thereafter STEX open both airlock doors and

               begin shooting plasma out them at Hermes.

               But Hermes has already leaped 4M to land on the maglev bike

               closest to the tube highway.

               Hermes's momentum starts it on its way and begins it

               immediately begins accelerating down the merging volume.

               INT. MAGLEV TUBE

               Swing Camera above maglev bike zoom out of command center

               maglev road system display.

                                   EASTERN SKY COMMANDER
                         Activate road blocks in sector 19

               of the citadel.

                                   SPECILIST 1
                         Activating blocks.

               Show road blocks coming up just where the red dot was going.

               Zoom quickly into red dot until we perceive what Hermes


               Show for the top half of the screen what Hermes sees with

               his eyes. Show in the bottom right a view of what obstacles

               are there near Hermes. Show in the bottom left the command

               center with the map of the road system.

                                   EASTERN SKY COMMANDER
                         He can't possibly dodge the cars

               with this kind of relative velocity.

               The road blocks ahead and veers into the highway where he is

               still going much -1274 km/h slower than the other cars.

                                   SPECILIST 1
                         He is dodging them.

               Hermes is frantically dodging the cars zooming past him.

                                   SUBCOMMANDER 1
                         Sir dragons are being launched down

               the road.

               (False Betrayal)

                                   EASTERN SKY COMMANDER
                         Send intercept dragons.

                                   EASTERN SKY COMMANDER
                         How is he avoiding them?

                                   SPECILIST 1
                         He is driving by wire using his

               neural interlacing.

                                   EASTERN SKY COMMANDER
                         Damn he is good slow down to a stop

               all traffic in this Southern Tokyo


               Hermes reaches the velocity of all nearby cars, and

               immediately begins goes faster than traffic.

                                   SPECILIST 1
                         Slowing down traffic.

               Hermes already going much faster than most traffic now is

               going even faster. His frantic jerkiness become even more


                                   HERMES (STEX TONE)
                         I need an exit.

               Show in upper left hand corner western sky commander.

                                   WESTERN SKY COMMANDER
                         Dragons are already on their way.

               Show in upper left hand corner Dragons coming in and dumping

               plasma in the shape of a long elliptical hole in the maglev


                                   EASTERN SKY COMMANDER
                         Stop them from making that hole!

               The ellipse is cut and the section falls through onto now

               parked cars.

               Eastern Dragons begin assaulting the Western Dragons now

               flying away from the hole.

               Hermes flies out of the elliptical hole.

               AIR. ABOVE JAPAN

                                   EASTERN SKY COMMANDER
                         Don't let any of them dock with

               (False Betrayal)

               Western Dragons try to reach Hermes but each one is

               intersected by Eastern dragons which pull them away from

                                   SUBCOMMANDER 1
                         More enemy dragons coming in.

               Hermes spreads his wings.

                                   EASTERN SKY COMMANDER
                         Keep them from making a new hole

               and stop traffic for that sector.

                                   SPECILIST 1
                         Sir that sector forms a hub with

               the entire Tokyo grid.

               Hermes makes a 90 degree turn, western and eastern dragons

               are still clashing in the sky.

                                   EASTERN SKY COMMANDER
                         Then slow down all Tokyo traffic.

                                   SPECILIST 1
                         Sir are you serious.

                                   EASTERN SKY COMMANDER
                         HE'S GOT ALL SHIP DESIGNS!

                                   SPECILIST 1
                         Yes sir slowing down all traffic in

               all sectors.

                                   SUBCOMMANDER 1
                         We've stopped them from making the


                                   EASTERN SKY COMMANDER
                         Good lay a trap for Hermes when he

               gets to the tube, he'll have no

               where to go.

               The Eastern Dragons spread out creating a single spot for

               him to land, to trap him.

                                   HERMES (STEX TONE)
                         Rocket boosters.

               Hermes's wings fold in and rocket boosters slams his bike

               forward. Hermes flies directly into the trap crouching down

               to accelerate through the dragon's legs.

               (False Betrayal)


                                   EASTERN SKY COMMANDER
                         Send the dragons after him PUMP HIM

               FULL OF PLASMA!!

               The Eastern dragons begin accelerating past Hermes. As they

               come down on him one by one he dodges them.

               The Eastern dragons begin clashing with Western dragons.

               Hermes moves up quickly then down quickly bounces off the

               tube then up drastically doing a quadruple front flip in the

               air before slamming back against the tube.

                                   SPECILIST 1
                         He's approaching open traffic.

               Hermes begins rapidly decelerating.

                                   SPECILIST 1
                         He's slowing down.

                                   EASTERN SKY COMMANDER
                         Dragons come down on him spare no


               Hermes begins weaving in between the now stopped traffic.

               Dragons are firing at him, but Hermes always avoids them by

               either turning or going under traffic.

                                   HERMES (STEX TONE)
                         I've had enough fun dragons are

               getting feisty. Get me outta here.

                                   WESTERN SKY COMMANDER
                         Launch all dragons we are getting

               those ship designs.

               The west launches dragons which cluster together.

                                   EASTERN SKY COMMANDER
                         Do not engage enemy dragons

               concentrate on hitting Hermes.

               More dragons come all around Hermes tossing and firing at

               cars to get at Hermes who goes below and around traffic.

               Hermes shoots up out of traffic.

               AIR. ABOVE JAPAN

               Eastern Dragons are swarming towards him when the school of

               Western dragons envelops him.

               (False Betrayal)

               The school slams into traffic throwing cars everywhere

               before turning around and flying back towards Western

               controlled space.

               Eastern dragons come from all direction pounding plasma at

               the school. One by one the Western dragons peel off to

               engage the Eastern school. As the school approaches space

               all but 9 of the dragons peel off.

               Hermes's dragon is in the center of the other 8 now firing

               plasma to defend themselves with the support of space

               launched plasma.

               SPC. SPACE ABOVE JAPAN

               As Hermes approaches the docking bay of the space colony the

               last 8 dragons peel away from him to finish consuming the

               enemy dragons.

               Hermes flies into an airlock and docks with the cylindrical

               station at low gravity.


               Hermes Gets off walking through a cheering crowd taking off

               his helmet and shedding his STEX.

               Hermes makes it to the podium and immediately looks over to

               the front and center teleprompter.

               Hermes's podium overlooks a gradation that is full of people

               all the way down to the normal gravity levels.

                         I have been to the East those

               people in their direct internet

               democracy are no freer then the

               people of the West in their

               representative democracy.

                                                                CUT TO:

         1     BIG VIDEO GAME                                           1


               You see through the scope of a sniper riffle, crosshairs

               thin slightly as they converge on a single tiny red dot.

               Circular scope fills entire screen sharp transition to

               surrounding blackness. 14.3X is displayed in white in the

               lower right hand corner.

               United States infantrymen are talking, while red dot is in

               between them hovering over the top of a machine gun barely

               visible over the sand bags.

               The red dot, slightly shaky, but steadied a bit by the

               advanced steady aim, moves to the head of the right one. No

               hesitance, Bang/Whoosh. His head basically explodes by the

               enormous round.

               The 2nd bullet down in a clip of 10, is loaded semi-

               automatically up into the chamber. Scope is beginning to be

               re-aimed to the sand bags, but as the scope moves down from

               the recoil, the startled soldier gets his wits to himself

               and hits the deck, keeping himself under the cover of the

               sand bags.

               The red dot moves down on the bottom of the sand bag

               structure. Dot stabilizes and suddenly Bang. Zeus fires 9

               more shots at the bottom of the sand bag.

                                                                CUT TO:

               EXT. GRASSY CLEARING

               Zeus is in forest camouflage. Zeus's right thigh houses a

               large pistol, he is wearing a thin helmet. The riffle's

               strap is slack about his neck and soldiers. At his feet is

               the corpse of a western sniper, with grass and stuff stuffed

               into his helmet.

               Zeus is standing there as his gun recoils, he stabilizes it.

               He ejects his clip.

               The clip falls out. Zeus bends over and takes another rigid

               clip from the corpse at his feet and shoves it into his

               riffle. It clicks as it loads the first bullet automatically.

               Zeus throws his riffle behind his back and pulls out his

               automatic/semiautomatic standard infantry pistol.

               (1 Big Video Game)

               Zeus begins to run as quietly as possible along the

               perimeter of the clearing, aiming always at the machine gun


               Zeus begins to run closer to the sand bags, as he lowers his

               profile, and decreases his speed. Zeus sidesteps around the

               position, just around the partially decapitated corpse. The

               other man is putting a makeshift tourniquet on his massively

               wounded leg. Zeus hesitates with his pistol aimed, arms

               outstretched, as the man lifts up his assault riffle off of

               his chest. Zeus fires three very tightly consecutive shots

               of the pistol. The riffle falls onto the instantly dead

               man's neck. Faint speaking on 2nd dead guy's radio-

               WESTERN COMMANDER (VO)

               Unit 23 do you copy. Repeat DO  YOU


               Zeus's eyes widen. Zeus takes the radio.

                         I'm here.

               WESTERN COMMANDER (VO)

               What's your unit designation.

                         Uhh. Uhh.

               WESTERN COMMANDER (VO)


               Zeus turns off the radio.

                         Our surprise is gone; all units

               assault the base repeat all units

               assault the base.

                         Who is this, that's my call, wh-

               The sound of a new Humvee with an open top, (electronic of

               course) in the forest becomes audible.

                         End com.

               Without thinking Zeus holsters his pistol and mans the

               machine gun turning it 180 degrees while Zeus stands on the

               other side of the sand bags.

               Zeus sees the humvee with a mounted machine gun come out of

               the trees and Zeus opens fire on it.

               (1 Big Video Game)

               The humvee machine gunner is killed by Zeus.

               One man in the humvee fires at Zeus and manages to hit Zeus

               in the bicep. Zeus falls to the ground and picks up the

               riffle that fell on 2nd dead guys neck.

               Zeus fires at at the humvee with his left arm. The person in

               the passenger seat dies. The driver has been shot in the hip

               and pulls out his side arm, as he stops the Humvee.

               Zeus gets up and quickly places a triplet of bullets in his

               chest with his pistol.

               Zeus throws him out of the car.

               Zeus takes out his field knife and cuts what muscle and

               ligaments are holding his arm together. He also has to cut

               his shredded uniform at that point. Zeus is intently focused

               on what he is doing and strangely shows almost no sign of

               pain. He pulls out a flare and stops the bleeding out of his

               arm by charring the muscle.

                                   COLONEL (VO)
                         All units assault the west side of

               the base.

                         Colonel I need 2 men to help me, I

               have just taken over control of a

               Humvee and a machine gun position.


               The colonel has his upper torso out of a large tank. He is

               talking into his thin transparent mic, protruding from the


                         What did you say?


               Zeus is looking at his field screen currently projected in

               front of him. A dynamic map has been projected with all

               friendly and enemy forces on it. Zeus zooms in on his

               position, a green triangle with a 56 in it is near his

               position, represented by a purple triangle.

                         Send Unit 56 to me now I can

               provide cover for the assault.

               (1 Big Video Game)


                         Very well Zeus, there is a hill

               over looking the base camp there. I

               will send you a couple of shoot

               point missiles; I want you people

               to paint them on the mortars. After

               that just provide cover for our

               assault. OK?


               Zeus sees the ping on his map as it automatically zooms out

               to show where the hill is relative to him. Basically there

               is a stream at the bottom of the hill and the convoy is on a

               road going towards the enemy facility, which is just beyond

               the stream.

                         That's just what I'm going to do,


               Zeus touches the marker representing quad 56-

                         Unit 5 I will be coming by in a US

               truck soon to pick you up remain in

               your position till I arrive.

      56-1     (QUAD 56 FIRST RANK)                                  56-1

               Ok unit 9.

               Zeus walks over to the machine gun, breaks the clip, picks

               it up by the barrel and difficulty puts it into the humvee.

               He walks back and gets a olive green box of ammo with an

               olive green rope handle to put in the truck along with a

               riffle and a couple grenades.

               Zeus gets some of the ammo from the dead guy and attaches it

               to the ammo of his riffle, which is still resting on the

               driver seat of the Humvee. Zeus gets in and starts to drive

               to unit 56's position, which is in a forest.

                         Hey what's up get in.

               They all get in. Zeus scoots over and lets 56-3 a blond

               woman drive. Zeus shows the driver the hill where they are

               to fire upon the base and he starts the car and drives

               towards it.

               In a short while they view the foot hill overlooking the


               (1 Big Video Game)

               Asphalt and small buildings, but in at the far edge of the

               compound is a massive building, looking almost like a black

               medieval castle.

                                   ZEUS (VERY COMMANDING)
                         Stop here, We have to paint the

               mortars. You three go!

               They get out of the car and start walking to where the trees

               cleared and overlook the base and the mountains beyond. They

               lie on the ground and prop up their assault riffles on

               bipods and look through the scope. They aim their digital

               scopes at each of the mortars mounted just around the

               central building.

               One by one each of the three eastern commandos gives Zeus a

               thumbs up. Zeus is looking through an assault riffle of his

               own at a tank moving out of a warehouse.

                         Ok we are prepared to receive 4 PS



               The colonel is looking at his command screen, where little

               red dots represent painted targets.

                         Affirmative, 4.

               The colonel signals the launch of the missiles.

               EXT. CONVOY

               The missiles lift off from a specialized missile launch


                         They will arrive soon. I am

               mobilizing forces immediately. See

               you at the fortress. End com.


               The cavalry leads the charge.

               EXT. CONVOY

               The Colonel's forces move up onto the fortress at a very

               high speed. Camera looks down on convoy as missiles fly over

               camera camera swings around to keep track of 4 Camera zooms,

               and follows the 4 PS missiles in formation as they fly just

               over the trees of the hill where Zeus is posted. They split

               up and detonate on each of their targets.

               (1 Big Video Game)

               Camera stops a good distance away.


               The alarm goes off in the compound and people attempting to

               provide damage control.

               Zoom in on the officer in charge of the commando as he

                                   FIRST WESTERN BASE COMMANDER
                         Everybody to their positions on the

               south wall.

               First Western Base Commander presses his ear of his headset.

                                   FIRST WESTERN BASE COMMANDER
                         Mr. President I am being assaulted

               by a formidable US team requesting

               reinforcements and air and space

               cover immediately. I don't think we

               can hold out for lo-

               Just then a riffle shot caused his brains to be splattered

               away on the ground where it forms a 20 cm radius stain.

               Show a person near him-

                                   RANDOM WESTERN GRUNT 1
                         Oh shit!


               Zoom out to random enemy grunt 1 being seen through Zeus's

               scope, boom he has a whole in his chest. It was the same

               western riffle Zeus used earlier.

               has the original machine gun mounted on the grassy dirt,

               and is shooting violently into the compound.

               Soldiers firing at Zeus and his commandos get a lucky hit

               and 56-2 goes down.

               Show 4 humvees speed into the compound 2 of them immediately

               crash after the drivers are killed by machine gun fire.

               The men and women on the other 2 humvees get out and rush

               into the compound. Show 5 guys run out into through the open,

               to fire at the Easterners.

               Zeus snipes 1 down the others don't notice for the second

               until the next one falls. The other 3 run back towards the

               bunker as the troops already in the compound spray the other

               down as Zeus puts his last 4 bullets carelessly into the

               (1 Big Video Game)

               Then the foot infantry finally catch up and 30 units begin

               to run across the tarmac to begin surrounding the heavily

               guarded ICBM installation that the whole base was built to


                         Alright, they don't need any

               support from here anymore. Lets get

               to ground level.

               Alright lets go.

               The trio speed down to the tarmac, but during the short trip

               as they were crossing the stream-



                         Hello Zeus I am the Supreme Eastern

               Space Admiral.


                         The colonel's tank was just

               destroyed, they decoded our radio

               transmissions and triangulated his

               position, boom. We've rescrambled

               our audio, but he is still dead. If

               you'll notice you are now our field


               Zeus looks down at his shoulder to see his 2 bars turn into

               a star.


                         I have to retire to other business,

               good day.

                         Where the hell are you going?

                         A naval battle requires my

               (1 Big Video Game)

                         Have fun. Hey stop here, we will

               wait for them to secure the base

               before we drive in.

                         Attention all units I am now the

               operational commander. Let's

               surround the facility and perform a

               uniform rush. Remember Western

               reinforcements are due in 60

               minutes. The rush is to commence at

               End transmission. Relay temp

               command to Kim. Computer.


                         Get me an immediate transmission

               with the Supreme Eastern Space Armiral.

                         Performing...connecting in 3..2..1

                         Yes Field commander. You called.


               Zeus is shuffling through the same map, but way zoomed out.

               Zeus is looking at the red dots way off from him and his

               green dots. Zeus remembers who he is talking to-

                         Sir, our latest intelligence tells

               us that the west is going to attack

               us with heavy land units by 15:10.

               We can take the air bombardment

               until then, but we will only be

               able to hold out against those

               heavies for 10 minutes.

                         At 15:20 we are definitely gone. I

               will definitely take total control

               over the installation in 40 minutes,

               probably 30 minutes. That gives us

               a 20 minute window to launch the

               birds. YOU need to secure space

               within the hour, maybe in 50 minutes.

               (1 Big Video Game)

                         Are you crazy, half the entire

               fleet is above you not to mention

               their flagship, I couldn't take

               them out in a-

               RANDOM EASTERN GRUNT 1


                                   SESA (OVERLAPPING WITH RANDOM
                         EASTERN GRUNT AND ZEUS)

               goddamn week so I wa-

                         End transmission.

                         EVERYBODY MOVE TO THE COVER OF THE

               CENTRAL NUCLEAR SILO.

                         But sir we haven't secured it yet

                         Just drive! Set up anti-missile

               laser cannons immediately around

               the premises. All persons with PS

               missiles set to heat homing and

               wait just outside to fire on my

               mark. FAST!

               The wave of fighters became multiple dots instead of 1. Zeus

               looks thought the scope of his assault riffle.

                         ABOUT 20 OF THE BASTARDS. ALL F

               AND B-6S, IN A UNIFORM V FORMATION.

               The first wave of missiles drew near the 3 laser cannons

               started firing short bursts detonating the missiles

               instantly. One missile got through; now only 2 laser canons

               remain. As the fighters grew near.

                         Prepare missiles, on my mark, hold,

               hold, HOLD, FIRE!

               Just as the planes were beginning to fire their first volley

               of bullets, the missiles were fired within a 1/2 second of

               one another. The planes fired laser bursts to destroy the

               missiles but because of the short range only a couple were

               destroyed. The Bombers dropped their first wave of bombs

               destroying the last laser cannons. They flew over at 100M

               above the ground. As they were turning Zeus talks to

               (1 Big Video Game)

                         Don't worry about firing another

               volley of PS just get back inside.

               Zeus then looks through his assault riffle scope, he hits

               with his hand the side of the car.

                         Gunner, man it.

               As the planes swung around in a 20 Gee arc, the machine gun

               was being fired at them. Zeus sees a small dot fly out of

               one of the fighters.

                         Oh Shit, that's at us, get out NOW!

               Zeus jumps out and into a shoulder roll on the shoulder with

               no arm the driver does the same but as Zeus and the driver

               guy get up to run the last sprint towards the bunker the

               gunner continues to shoot at the planes. One of the last 9

               planes goes down on the tarmac, as the missile hits the

               When the machine guns are fired at Zeus and his comrade they

               are both running. A stream of bullets hits the ground to the

               left and forward of Zeus. Zeus stops in his tracks by

               sliding his feet forward and sliding to a halt. His feet are

               away from the bullet stream. Blood spills into the air

               as Zeus looks over to his comrade who is not so lucky. Zeus

               gets up and finishes the 20M sprint towards the installation.

               He barley makes it inside.

                                                                CUT TO:
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