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               INT. INSIDE THE SILO

                         How is the takeover going?


               Kim says as one of his men gets shoot while they were

               crouched, another dead body lay near him.

                         I'm about to finish the job just

               give me a little peace, OK?


               (1 Big Video Game)

               You continue to hear the voice as the current temp leader

               throws 2 grenades into the hallway where the West was

               shooting from.


               They went, and died

                         FUCKING BULLSHIT BASTARDS they've

               got the whole security force in

               there, we will have to flank them.

               Kim looks around for a couple of seconds in thought,

               everybody is looking at him.

                         Hey set C-7 explosives on that door

               that... that was ...

                                   RANDOM EASTERN GRUNT 2
                         Locked sir.

                         Yea Locked. Blow it to hell.

                                   RANDOM EASTERN GRUNT 2
                         Will do mam.

               While he says this he begins to put a 1.5cm diameter tube of

               C-7, all the way around the door. He backs away-

                                   RANDOM EASTERN GRUNT 2

               The C-7 detonates and he runs thought the smoke. He turns

               the corner and fires upon 3 men who are positioned behind a

               knocked over metal table.

                         Alright, you 4 go around to where

               they blew the door, it is a left up

               then straight on your right.

               Kim motions the way.

                                   QUAD LEADER
                         OK, bye.

               The leader goes down the hall a few steps fires a few shots.

               Random eastern grunt 2 walks through the machine gun


               (1 Big Video Game)

                                   RANDOM EASTERN GRUNT 2
                         Its clear.

                         Hey come back they cleared the

               position. Lets go!

               INT. SILO CONTROL ROOM

                                   WESTERN LIEUTENANT
                         Sir they are on their way here now

               we are the only people left to

               defend the control station.

                                   WESTERN COLONEL
                         Shit, lets take as many of them

               down as possible.

                                   WESTERN LIEUTENANT
                         Sir I recommend that we destroy all

               of this equipment before they get

               here, it will stall their ability

               to command the nukes.

                                   WESTERN COLONEL
                         But our armies are on their way to

               take this facility back, and there

               is reason because the fleet above

               us can shoot down all of the ICBMs.

                                   WESTERN LIEUTENANT
                         But what if they wanted to destroy

               the ICBMs.

                                   WESTERN COLONEL
                         Well they could do that manually.

               A young private pointing at the monitor of a security camera.

               WESTERN PRIVATE

               SIR HERE THEY COME!

               They immediately get in positions to fire at the incoming

               troops. The door opens, a flashbang goes off, and the lights

               go out. Hear people run in and controlled assault riffle

               fire. After a bunch of firing and a short silence.

                                   EASTERN SOLDIER
                         Ok turn the lights back on.

               The lights turn on and all of the Westerners lay dead on the

               ground, no one else died. Zeus walks in-

               (1 Big Video Game)

                         Tech guy get to work. How long is

               it going to take.

                                   TECH GUY
                         All I have to do is disable

               communications, upload the

               coordinates, and trick it to below

               defcon 5.  10 minutes maybe more.

                         Cool hurry up, its 14:52 already.

               Open up a com to the SESA. Admiral

               sorry I cut you off back then, I

               had to deal with the fighters.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. KRAKATAU BRIDGE

                         It's alright, but I am not going to

               be able to take out the US navy.

                         Look try to find a way to nuke

                         There are no nukes on this ship.

                         What about the Fusion based engine?

               Can you jettison it.

                         No, the goddamn thing is embedded.

                         Well just fucking ram them or


                         Hell no we would lose our naval

               superiority if it failed.

                         But it won't fail it is too simple.

               We need this victory. We can get an

               unconditional surrender if we

               succeed. We have to take the risk.

                         Fine, sounds like fun I will look

               into it. Is it possible.

               (1 Big Video Game)

                                   SOMEBODY WE CAN'T SEE
                         Yes, Yes it is.

                                   SESA TO A DIFFERENT PERSON
                         Ensign, ramming speed.

                                   EASTERN ENSIGN
                         Excuse me sir.

                         I said RAMMING speed. Set a

               collision trajectory and go at our

               maximum acceleration.

                                   EASTERN ENSIGN
                         Yes Sir.

                         When I say maximum speed I mean

               above the safe acceleration 100%

               nuclear thrusters. How fast can we

               really go?

                                   EASTERN ENSIGN
                         I guess.

                         Make it so.



                         SWC the Eastern Flagship is

               accelerating beyond its maximum

               safety limits.

                                   SWSA (SUPREME WESTERN SPACE ADMIRAL)
                         That's interesting, why the hell

               are they doing that?

                         It has also shifted its direction

               to collide directly with us.

                         YOU MEAN THEY ARE GOING TO COLLIDE

               WITH US.

                         Yes sir.

               (1 Big Video Game)

                         Holy shit get me with the

               The oval office appears on the main screen.

                                   THE PRESIDENT
                         Yes Admiral.

                         Mr. President, the Eastern Flagship

               has just initiated a collision

               course, with us.

                                   THE PRESIDENT
                         Maybe they are just bluffing, see

               when will they collide with you?


                                   THE PRESIDENT
                         Can you evade them.

                         Can we?

                         No, not unless we can disable their


                                                        CUT OUT TO OVAL
                                                         OFFICE SCREEN:

               INT. OVAL OFFICE

                                   THE PRESIDENT
                         General tell the land assault to

               hurry the hell up, tell them to

               take the silo as quickly as

               possible disregarding the lives of

               the men, tell them to leave the

               heavies behind.

                         Yes Mr. President.

               The general picks up a video phone.

                                   THE PRESIDENT
                         As for you SWSA, your only priority

               is to be able to shoot down those

               nukes when they launch, and they

               will. Do anything necessary to

               maintain that objective.

               (1 Big Video Game)

                                   THE PRESIDENT (CONT'D)
                         Destroying their fleet is

               Is that clear?

                         Yes Mr. President.

                                   THE PRESIDENT
                         I won't bother you any further, end


                                                             CUT OUT TO
                                                        GENERAL'S VIDEO

               EXT. WESTERN CONVOY

               A convoy of Tanks, Truck, humvees, and motor cycles. The

               colonel is sitting in a mobile command vehicle, talking to

               the general on the video phone-

               WESTERN COLONEL

               Yes general, I will send the light

               vehicles ahead.

               The general's face disappears.

               WESTERN COLONEL

               Universal signal, all vehicles

               progress towards the silo at their

               maximum speeds.

               All of the motor cycles and humvees zoom ahead of the other

               vehicles, the humvees and trucks also move a lot faster. 4

               motor cycles move at about 200 KM/H ahead in a tight

               formation, they are not in front. One motor cycle loses

               control and falls into another. The other also falls and the

               one to the right of him drives off of the road and hits the

               barrier and goes flying. The person on the left avoids the

               mess. A humvee behind them going at about 120 KM/H. Coldly

               runs over the 2 on the road.

               INT. SILO CONTROL ROOM

               Back in the silo Zeus commands  a couple guys outside to-

                         Lay grenades all over the tarmac,

               and detonate them when they arrive,

               when you are done return to the

               first defense.

               (1 Big Video Game)

                         Everyone else in the installation

               we are going to form 3 layers of

               defense first is going to be the

               entrance to this level.

                         The second will be where they

               bottlenecked us and the third is

               the command room. Everybody that is

               not in the this room will go to the


                         When I give the signal you will

               fall back to the 2nd defense. Block

               them with anything you can find,

               kinda like what they did to us. We

               have 10 minutes to hold them off.

               INT. KRAKATAU BRIDGE

               Show explosion on the side of the Krakatau.

                                   EASTERN ENSIGN
                         Sir the Liberty has destroyed our

               lateral thrusters.

                         Sir the Liberty has detonated their

               primary chemical fuel tank.

                         What the he.. are they going much



                         Do the calculations! Will they

               evade us?

                                   EASTERN ENSIGN
                         Sir we are about 2 degrees off.

                         God damn they're desperate. Does

               anybody have any way of changing

               our direction? Is there anything

               that we could blow up to change our


               (1 Big Video Game)


               Yes sir there are our primary fuel

               cells they are near the back.

                         Would that change our direction 2


                         Yeah about.

               The admiral is looking at a holographic image of the whole

               battle and zooms in on the Eastern Flagship.

                         Fighter E12 and H07 fire upon these


               The admiral as he points to the holographic image of the

               ship with a special pen.

                         I have jettisoned the hull plating.

                                   SPACE FIGHTER
                         Sir am I getting those coordinates

               correct because that is your ship.

                         Yes those are the right coordinates

               fire on them immediately.

               The 2 fighters fire 4 torpedoes at the coordinates and their

               smart torpedoes avoid the plating and destroy their targets

               causing a huge explosion.

                                   SESA TO A DIFFERENT PERSON
                         Did we do it?

                         No we are just a little shallow,

               the loss of 2 of the main engines

               has made us still too slow.

                         How much would we have to increase

               the thrust?

                         We would have to increase to 220%.

                                   THRUSTER MAN
                         Admiral that is way too much. We

               are about to overheat as it is.

               (1 Big Video Game)

                         SHIT... Wait a second couldn't we

               do what they did except with our

               nuclear thrusters?

                                   THRUSTER MAN
                         That is fucking crazy, but it might

               work. Wait a second while I do the


               The thruster man types a few variables into his computer.

               Thruster Man first gets the velocity of the flagship in a

               minute then he cuts off the engines. He modifies the force

               of detonation that would require the trajectories to collide.

               He does a few molar calculations to figure out the amount of

               deuterium needed.

                                   THRUSTER MAN
                         grams of deuterium sir let me

               check that. Yeah that is about

               right. Actually 750g to make it safe.

                         When do we deploy it?

                                   THRUSTER MAN

                                   SESA TO A DIFFERENT PERSON
                         Computer detonate 700 grams, I mean

               grams of Deuterium in the rear

               nuclear thruster. BRACE FOR IMPACT.

               The engine of the flagship is destroyed. Everybody is rocked

               by the explosion.

                                                         ZOOM TO EARTH:


               The Western motor cycles start to arrive along with the

               lighter jeeps. Then all of a sudden explosions from

               everywhere kill 3/4 of the newly arrived soldiers.

               INT. INSIDE THE SILO

               Soldiers are waiting along the first defense when Westerners

               come pouring in through the doors. They are literally

               slaughtered but a few grenades get thrown into the well

               defended Easterners. Only one Easterner lives who is badly

               injured. He fires at them but is shot and killed.

               (1 Big Video Game)

                                   ZEUS (RADIO)
                         Fall back to second defense. Repeat

               fall back to second defense. The

               first defense has been breached.

               Soldiers prepare to defend the last 3 corridors. The main

               corridor is the one that East had such a big problem trying

               to get by. The other is the door they blew up. The last is

               another small corridor. The Westerners charge the main

               hallway. The Easterners wait behind the rubble that they

               gathered there. When the Westerners are in the middle of the

               hallway they get up and gun the Westerners down. Only one

               Westerner makes it out.

                                   RANDOM EASTERN GRUNT 2
                         HEY they have got this hallway

               He throws a grenade as he leaves. The grenade falls short

               and doesn't do anything. More Westerners gather up. They get

               people to peek around the corner to fire at the well

               defended East. After 2 Westerners die and 1 Easterners die.

               A western lieutenant arrives.

                                   WESTERN LIEUTENANT 2
                         We don't have enough time to fuck

               around you pansies. We need to rush.

               When I say everybody run in firing

               at them. People in the back throw

               grenades over us. 3..2..1..GO.

               They run in and get gunned down. But because of a few well

               placed grenades and a few lucky shots the only 2 Easterners


                                   EASTERN SOLDIER
                         We need more support.

               The other is firing at the injured Westerners. One of them

               throws a grenade before he is shot.

                                   EASTERN SOLDIER WHO IS SHOOTING

               Eastern Soldier Who Is Shooting jumps over the barricade

               while the other soldier sees the grenade land right next to

               him and in slow motion, dives out of the way. Eastern

               Soldier Who Is Shooting is killed and the Eastern soldier on

               the other side of the barrier has been hurt from some of the

               previous shrapnel grenades and seems to have an injured leg.

               He tries to get up but can't because of his injured leg. He

               falls back down and he is shot by the next wave of

               (1 Big Video Game)

               Easterners heard the call for support and begin firing at

               the Westerners. One is shot in the chest. The other looks

               down at him, pulls out a grenade and runs.

               EASTERN SOLDIER

               FALL BACK TO THE tertiary defense.

               My position has been breached.

                                                                CUT TO:

               SPC. SPACE BATTLE

               A rail container is loaded onto the rail. It is fired and

               rams into the engines of a small vessel. Multiple fighters

               in a V formation fires torpedoes and explosive shells at the

               small space ship. It is destroyed. 2 more small Western

               ships remain.

               A few Western fighters engage the formation and the

               formation breaks up to engage in dog fighting. The Western

               Flagship meanwhile is firing many shells at the incoming

               East Flagship the fighters are flying towards the Eastern

               Flagship. The rail machine guns begin to shoot down the

               enemy fighters.

               INT. BRIDGE OF KRAKATAU

                         Order the evacuation, we have ?3?

               minutes till collision.

               People scramble to the nearest pod and get in the pods

               detach from the Flagship and fire away from it into low

               Earth orbit.

               The bridge shakes a little.

                                   EASTERN ENSIGN
                         Sir they almost penetrated the

               bridge that last time.

               Show a rail cannon on the Western flagship it fires into the

               Eastern flagship and detonates right into the bridge in

               semi-super-slow-motion, then fast again.

                                                                CUT TO:

               INT. BRIDGE OF LIBERTY

                                   WESTERN ENSIGN
                         Sir we just took out their bridge.

               The Western admiral dazes out the screen that shows the

               Gigantic Eastern flagship continuing to come closer to them.

               (1 Big Video Game)

               The entire first half of the ship is completely torn up. Gas

               is venting from all over and basically only its sturdy

               superstructure remnants. Eastern fighters fly through the

               small gap between the flagships. Almost all of the pods have

               left the flagship.

                                                                CUT TO:


                                   CONTROL ROOM
                         The Eastern soldier just barley
                         makes to the control room

               before the Westerners arrive. The Westerners are attempting

               to blow up the wall to the control room. 4 Easterners

               guarding the other hallways arrive and shoot at the

                                   INJURED EASTERN SOLDIER
                         They are trying to blow up the

               When all of the Easterners are silent.

                         FIRE AT THAT Wall!

               Zeus picks up his assault riffle in his only hand and begins

               firing single bullets randomly into the wall. Others follow

               and those behind the wall are inevitably killed. One of the

               Westerners sets an explosive on the wall, before he dies.

                         SET Nukes to go launch

               in 30 seconds. We are not going to

               live much longer.

               Another Westerner runs and sets the detonator. He blows him

               self up as soon as he placed the leads into the plastic. The

               Westerners exploit the hole in the wall and kill a couple of

               the last survivors.

               SPC. SPACE BATTLE

               The Western flagship buries a couple more shells inside the

               other flagship. The Eastern flagship going about a kilometer

               per second rams right into the Western flagship (where the

               camera is). Change perspectives to one facing in the

               opposite direction the Earth is in. The 2 collide in a huge

               nuclear explosion and the debris flies mostly in a diagonal


               Zoom out from explosion to the person Zeus was talking to

               who is watching from a screen. He presses the big nuke

               button, with 13 seconds on the clock. Zeus is killed in the


               (1 Big Video Game)

               This guy pulls out his grenade and presses detonator while

               it in his hand.

                                                                CUT TO:

               VR. GATES OF HEAVEN

               Zeus wakes up in a room labeled you have died, with all of

               his statistics, and heavens gate, with St. Peter. Zeus turns

               to St. Peter and says-

                         St. Peter put me in ghost mode. Go

               to the Nukes that were launched.

               Now Zeus disappears and viewer sees the nukes on their

                                                                CUT TO:

               AIR. ABOVE AMERICA

               Show about 20 nukes flying out of the silo to American

                                                             FADE INTO:


                                   EASTERN DIPLOMAT
                         Look you are going to have to

               accept unconditional surrender, you

               just are simply unable to continue

               this war any longer. You have lost.

                                   FEMALE WESTERN DIPLOMAT
                         But I still wish for semi-autonomy.

                                   EASTERN DIPLOMAT
                         Look there are no compromises,

               unconditional surrender of all your

               VEMECS command codes or you and

               your people die very simple. You

               have 1 minute till the first nuke

               hits Washington. You have absolutely

               no choice.

               The Western diplomat breaks into tears and says-

                                   FEMALE WESTERN DIPLOMAT
                         Fine unconditional surrender.

               She signs the treaty the Easterner gave her.

               (1 Big Video Game)


                                                                CUT TO:

               TV station with no cameras just microbots.

                                   ANNOUNCER 1
                         Wow that was one of the most

               amazing games I've ever seen in my


                                   ANNOUNCER 2
                         It sure is Bill this was an

               amazingly clever victory, so quick

               so decisive, so beautiful, I have

               nothing to say negative about any

               aspect of the command team besides

               a few fudged tactical maneuvers.

                                   ANNOUNCER 1
                         It sure was truly shows that war is

               an art not a science.

                                   ANNOUNCER 2
                         It's both Bill.

                                   ANNOUNCER 2
                         But yes this battle was artfull,

               this out of the box thinking will

               make the critical members of the

               Easterner team as commanders in our

               sky command team.

                                   ANNOUNCER 1
                         Most certainly these supremely

               fighting men and women will make

               fine Western warriors.

               Show Zeus in virtual world press the little 'x' in the upper

               right hand corner with his right hand. Transition of Zeus

               letting his arm down in a black Virtual Reality suit.


               Credits opens up with a stalemated naval battle, we are

               listening on the radio as both sides attack each other.

               The switch up space battle, camera is at a far off neutral

               vantage point, in view of the entire battle, and a little

               West on the left, East on the right.

               The almost peaceful looking battle continues in silence with

               credits being displayed at the bottom of the screen.

               All at once overlay full interface over same field of vision.

               Camera zooms out from screen to behind western sky commander

               where camera stays until it dies.

               Hear the sounds of the Sky Command Center.

                         The Supreme Sky Commander has left

               his command center, you are now

               Supreme Sky Commander.

                         God no they've taken over our

               command center-

                                   SPECILIST 1
                         Deuterium reactors on the Liberty

               are going critical!!!

                                   WESTERN SUBSTITUTE SKY COMMANDER
                         How much will the liberty destroy.

                                   SPECILIST 7
                         It take out everything on this
                             (points to main screen)
                         screen sir, including us.

                                   RANDOM PERSON 1
                         Oh god!!!!!

                                   WESTERN SUBSTITUTE SKY COMMANDER
                         COMPUTER EVAC ALL PERSONNEL TO
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